Select Major Direct Stock Purchase Plans

"No Load" stocks are those that allow you to join their Dividend Reinvestment/Stock Purchase Plans (DRPs) without first being a shareholder. This provides a normally easy and inexpensive way to invest directly in companies, bypassing the brokers.

Since we started this list several years ago a number of things have happened. The number of plans has exploded. Significant fees which were once the exception have now become quite widespread. Internet stock trading has brought the costs of using certain brokers to be even cheaper than the fees on some of the plans. We are responding by adding a simple rating system of how fee friendly a company's plan is. We are also going to focus more on providing the details for the low cost plans.

<< Use the letter range links to the left to browse the list of plans. A number of the list entries have links to more detailed information. More plans are added to the list periodically. We are also in the process of updating the information on many plans.

The detailed information on this site was received directly from the companies, their agents, and/or other publicly available sources. It contains only the plans that are available to most individuals. This list was previously on one of our partner sites, All links that point to the no-load stock information there, will automatically redirect to the proper page on this site. If you know of a company that should be on the list -- please send plan information and/or links here.

Please note that just because one of these plans is available for a company doesn't automatically make that company a good investment. Also, some of the plans charge fees that can be significant. You should evaluate carefully whether a particular stock and their plan are right for your situation.

There is a twitter feed set up for updates to this site: NoLoadInfo.

We don't currently provide information on no-load mutual funds.

DISCLAIMER Although this information is believed to be accurate when posted, plans are constantly changing and details should be checked. Listing here is NOT A RECOMMENDATION to buy these stocks or join these plans. This list is for informational purposes only. We may have a position in any of the stocks listed and will be buying and selling without notice.